Terms of Use
You agree that your use of the VESTUS Databases is governed by the following terms and conditions.
The Foreclosure Group, LLC ('TFG') collects and compiles information on properties in foreclosure in the State of Washington. This information is provided to interested bidders by TFG, a real estate licensee associated with Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc (collectively referred to as "Broker"). This Agreement sets forth the terms under which the information is provided and defines the terms of the relationship of the parties.

1. No Agency Relationship. The parties agree that they shall have no agency relationship unless otherwise agreed in writing. Client has received and read a copy of the pamphlet "The Law of Real Estate Agency." All real estate brokerage services shall be provided by TFG or another real estate licensee associated with Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.

2. Broker will make available to Client information that TFG has compiled about properties in foreclosure. TFG attempts to obtain information from trustees, tax records, multiple listing service records and other public sources. The information is available for Client to pick up at Broker's office. TFG and Broker do not have physical access into the properties and do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information it makes available. TFG and Broker do not make any representations about the quality or condition of properties or the fitness of any property for Client's needs. Client will independently assess any properties and will seek independent advice from the appropriate professionals. Information shall not be provided or resold to any other person or entity.

3. If Client acquires any property for which Broker provided information within 6 months after Client's receipt of the information, then Client will pay Broker a fee at the time of sale in the amount of three percent (3%) of the most recent assessed value or the sale price, whichever is higher. For purposes of this provision, Client shall be deemed to have acquired the property if Client purchases the property directly, purchases an interest of 10% or more, or is the actual or beneficial owner of a ten percent or greater interest in an entity that acquires the property.

4. Client may terminate this agreement at any time by giving written notice. Termination shall be effective immediately and shall end all obligations of Client except for any obligations existing on the date of termination.

5. Client agrees that the information provided by TFG or Broker shall be treated as confidential. Client agrees not to distribute or share any information provided by TFG or Broker with any other party except for an entity or company in which Client has an ownership interest and which has agreed to pay the fee set forth in paragraph 3. As liquidated damages, Client agrees to pay the fee set forth in paragraph 3 for any property purchased by any other party with whom Client shared information from TFG or Broker.

6. Client agrees that TFG and Broker may provide the same or similar information on the same properties to more than one Client. TFG's principals also purchase foreclosure properties for their own account.

7. Client acknowledges and agrees that TFG and Broker may pay other parties fees and costs, including referral fees. Client further acknowledges and agrees that TFG and Broker may receive referral fees if Client is referred to other parties for related services, including real estate brokerage services.

8. In the event of any action for breach of the terms of paragraphs 3 or 5 of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney fees, taxable costs, and reasonable litigation expenses.

9. It is understood that any investor shall not solicit any current members of TFG without the written consent of TFG including but not limited to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, contractors, etc.