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  Real Time Data

At Vestus, we know how critical having the most current and credible data is for the foreclosure investment process. That is why we are meticulous in collecting real-time market data from public sources, private trustees, title companies, and a number of other reliable sources where all the raw information is aggregated and stored. After the data is gathered and mined, it is then delivered to our back-end system for analysis.

Our Due Diligence on the Data
We conduct a process of due diligence by cross analyzing all the data gathered by our system against the data provided by our title partner. We then physically drive to each and every property to verify the accurate analysis of each foreclosure.


How we deliver the data to you
Once the data has been gathered and analyzed, Vestus members who have attended our complimentary Investor Class workshops are able to freely access the data via our membership area on our website in real time. We utilize state-of-the-art technology which expedites instant emails and text message alerts enabling you to follow the property criteria you select.


The Vestus difference
Over the years Vestus has developed and procured close relationships with a wide range of strategic partners to assist our investor community members in all their investment goals. In providing the real-time data, tools, and other resources, we continue in our commitment to assist every Vestus member in achieving a successful acquisition of each and every foreclosed property they invest in.