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Foreclosure Group / Vestus

Foreclosure group was founded in 2003 by seasoned foreclosure auction investors. The partners of the Foreclosure group had purchased over 100 properties in less than 2 years at auction in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties before creating our system of success and forming the company.

Now, we have become the largest foreclosure buying service in the Norhtwest! Combined we have over 50 years real estate, finance, rehab, and investment experience and are considered to be the “experts” in our field. We have helped thousands of investors purchase homes at auction!

The focus of our business is to provide much needed in–depth training, property tracking and background of all properties (title, liens, postponements, values, opening bids, etc.) scheduled for auction each week in Pacific Northwest. With our assistance, the investor (our client) has all the tools necessary to purchase properties below fair market value, with confidence, at the auction.

Due to high demand, and the need for our type of service nationwide, we formed VESTUS, our co–branded name. VESTUS was created for franchising and other activities around the foreclosure arena such as helping the homeless, “green” programs, and generally becoming more of the community. We have already started our expansion -- opening up Oregon, Utah, and soon Colorado and California.

Once a client has signed our agreement and joined the group, they are provided with information and training on “how to buy” foreclosures with unlimited FREE follow up –- including one on one sessions for as long as they need it.

The program behind the website is very sophisticated state of the art technology that provides real time data and updates on each property. Plus, the website is loaded with tools for you to be more efficient and effective, such as photos of each property, maps and driving directions, property title information, liens, back taxes, and a very detailed value of each property (CMA) complete with charts, graphs, and statistics that will give you accurate figures.

Not Only does our website provide this valuable data to each investor, it also keeps track of the properties indentified by each investor as a potential purchase months in advance. In other words, if the property made sense but it had been postponed to a later date, our system saves all the information the investor may have added (fix up, costs, notes, etc.) until that next scheduled auction date (over 70% of the property auctions are postponed) Lastly, the night before the auction, our investors provide us the properties they are interested in bidding on. We then do a very tight market value, check all title for liens and judgements that may follow any and all fix up needed to get it ready for market.

The bottom line is we are with you every step of the way!! We are committed to making you successful and continuing to bring you the most advanced technology and investment tools in the industry!

Welcome to VESTUS / Foreclosure Group!

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