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Where every individual who has an interest in real estate investing can become not only a successful investor, but a savvy one as well. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Vestus is a company that is committed to helping our members become educated and prosperous real estate investors by sharing our knowledge, providing them with the essential resources, and guiding them through the acquisition process so they may successfully and confidently acquire any property on the foreclosure market. Whether you are looking to flip a property for a quick profit, want to rent your investment out for extra income, or desire to purchase a home for yourself and your family,

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Vestus can help you find the very best deals during foreclosure auctions in Washington. At Vestus we realize how challenging and risky it can be to invest in real estate foreclosure properties especially if you have never acquired property in this manner before. That is exactly why we founded Vestus years ago- so you don’t have to navigate through the arduous process of investing on your own. In understanding the primary goal of any investment is to yield a profit- we also believe that knowledge, (along with capital-of course) will give you the power that leads you to that profit. In our aim to help you achieve both, we offer a full range of services comprised of Investor Classes and Real Time Data , including finding the ‘right’ Auction Funding. As the #1 foreclosure Investing group in the area, we guarantee our diverse range of services will benefit anyone who joins our Vestus community- whether you are a first-time or seasoned investor. Read more about Vestus

Auction Funding

How the Funding Process Works


With traditional lending sources virtually non-existent for real estate investors, bridge financing is quickly becoming the primary source of funding. Eastside Funding provides fast loans financed by private equity lenders for your real estate needs.

Bridge Financing
Finding the Right Funding
At Vestus, we introduce you to our mortgage brokers who are versed in investment loans and help you to convert them to conventional loans at great pricing and rates.


Finding a bridge financing lender to partner with you on your real estate investment journey should be a carefully made decision. Vestus helps investors conduct thorough research. A funding partner who is also an experienced real estate investor should understand how to provide a high level of support. Since 2004 Eastside Funding has lent on over $1 billion worth of real estate and is the market leader in auction bridge financing.


Whether a beginning or seasoned investor, Eastside Funding, LLC works with its partners to ensure your long-term success.

Investor Class

Free Vestus Foreclosure Class


Every Tuesday at 5:30 PM we hold a free one-hour workshop that covers every aspect of the foreclosure process. The following objectives and topics will be discussed and explained during these workshops:

Show Class Topics 
  • Buying strategies
  • Deed position
  • Title information
  • Differences between Judicial and Non—judicial foreclosures
  • CMA’s and determining value
  • The foreclosure lifecycle
  • Differences between ‘short sale’, pre-foreclosures, and real estate owned (REO)
  • Property ‘fix up’ strategies
  • Developing an exit strategy
  • Understanding tax strategies
  • Calculating a net profit worksheet

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